Project Description

More Than Just Trash Talk: From Dialogue to Action

Image by Cheryn Wong

August 2014 Update: This project has come to a close and the Final Report and resources can be found on the resources page. It is likely that Vancouver Trash Talk will continue in a different capacity, so you if would like to learn more about the project, please  contact Murray Mollard, Project Director:


A partnership between Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, Gordon Neighbourhood House and the Recycling Council of British Columbia, and with funding from the Greenest City Fund and Vancity, this project seeks to recruit and assist recycling champion residents in condos and apartments in Vancouver to create food scrap recycling programs with an emphasis on resident/neighbour engagement and education.

The City of Vancouver has set ambitious Zero Waste targets (50% diversion of 2008 waste levels by 2020) in its Greenest City Action Plan. The Plan prioritizes organic recycling in single and multi-family residences where approximately 40% of the waste stream is made up of organic food scraps. By 2015, Metro Vancouver will ban organics from landfills and incinerators requiring condos and apartments to have food scrap recycling program in place. In addition to food scrap recycling, the project will seek to improve recycling of blue box related materials (paper, glass, plastics, metals) in condos and apartments where only about 12% of these materials are currently recycled.

If you live in an apartment or condo in Vancouver and would like to create a team of your neighbours to work to create a sustainable recycling program in your residence, then this project is for you. We are looking for individuals who have a keen interest in recycling, enjoy interacting with their neighbours, possess a variety of important skills and have time to devote to the project. In addition to resident enthusiasm for recycling, we require that your building manager or strata council support efforts to improve recycling in your residence. Successful candidates will receive extensive assistance from the project team members who have expertise in recycling and engagement to plan and implement a strategy for your resident recycling program.



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