The Greenest City Fund (GCF) is a partnership between the Vancouver Foundation and the City of Vancouver to provide $2 million in funding over four years (2012-2015) to support ideas generated and implemented by the community to implement the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan.

More Than Just Trashtalk has received a major grant from the Greenest City Community Grant program (one of three grant programs under the GCF) to focus on the Zero Waste goal of the Greenest City Action Plan (GCAP).

GCAP goals include:

  • Local Food: increasing local food supply.
  • Climate and green buildings: reducing energy use.
  • Green transportation: enabling active transportation.
  • Zero waste: increasing composting, re-use and recycling
  • Access to nature: increasing the urban forest, creating habitat and natural spaces.
  • Clean water: conserving drinking water.
  • Green economy: supporting social enterprise and greening businesses.


More Than Just Trashtalk has also received a generous grant from Vancity’s Community Project Grant program. Since 1994, Vancity has distributed $221 million to members through dividends and to communities through grants and community investment initiatives. Vancity’s Community Project Grant program funds projects that focus on social justice and financial inclusion, the environment as well as the cooperative economy.

Learn more about Vancity’s Grant Program.

TD Friends of the Environment

Since 1990, TD FEF has provided more than $60 million in funding to more than 21,000 environmental projects across Canada. In 2012, TD FEF provided more than $4.8 million in support of 1,089 projects. Thousands of donors give to TD FEF on a monthly basis and TD Bank Group contributes in excess of $1 million annually. TD also covers the management costs of running TD FEF, which guarantees 100 per cent of every dollar donated, goes directly to funding environmental projects and programs. For more information on how to donate, visit


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