Time to Recycle Your Organics!

Aside from all your other New Year’s resolutions, here’s one we hope you follow — separate and recycle all organic waste.


That’s because Metro Vancouver’s ban on organic waste in the landfill officially came into effect as of January 1, 2015.

Whether at home, at the office or in commercial or institutional settings, you will be required to recycle your food scraps and other organic waste.

Now whether there will be facilities and bins for you to do so is another matter. That’s why we encourage those of you who live in apartments and condos and are keen to recycle your food scraps and organics to contact your property manager or strata council to make this happen sooner than later.

Metro Van realizes that it will take some time for all sectors: residential, commercial, institutional and industrial to get up to speed with both infrastructure (bins, etc) and education programs to help everyone make the adjustment. That’s why Metro Van is gradually phasing in enforcement of the ban: http://www.metrovancouver.org/services/solidwaste/businesses/organicsban/Pages/index.aspx

But for those of you in condos and apartments, just visit the Resources page of this website to access all kinds of tools from the Trashtalk project to help you set up a successful food scraps recycling program in your residence.

By increasing our awareness of our food waste, one of the hidden benefits of organics recycling is that we may become more conscious of reducing the amount of edible food that we don’t consume and have to throw out. While recycling previously edible food is better than landfilling it, reducing the amount of edible food we waste will be even better for the environment.


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