Trashtalk in Full Swing – Deadline for More Applications: September 16, 2013

With the project first phase in full swing, Trashtalk welcomes more applications for its second phase intake.

Trashtalk is a pilot project working with recycling champions in apartments, condos and co-ops to establish food scraps recycling and improve current recycling programs in Vancouver multi-family residences.

With the 2015 Metro Van ban on organics looming and Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan targeting new food scraps recycling as a key path to its Zero Waste goals, now is the time to sign up for Trashtalk.

Trashtalk is currently working with co-ops, condos and apartments in the West End and Mount Pleasant but welcomes applications from anywhere in Vancouver.

There are lots of good reasons to participate including free assistance to plan and implement a food scraps recycling program and modest financial support to engage your neighbours. Check out our resource:  Six Reasons to Participate in Trashtalk.

For more info, Sign Up or send us an email:

Food Scraps Drop in Olympic Village


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