Article in the Vancouver Courier: Are you a recycling champion?

Are you a recycling champion?

By Mike Howell, Staff writer June 6, 2013

Are you a recycling champion?

Wanted: Apartment and condominium dwellers who are hardcore recyclers and want to educate their fellow tenants on the need to keep their food waste out of the regular garbage.

Murray Mollard is on the hunt to find “recycling champions” as part of a project aimed at getting Vancouver apartment and condo residents to abide by what will soon be law in the region.

When 2015 rolls around, all organic material in the Lower Mainland must be diverted from the landfill. So says the Metro Vancouver regional agency, whose waste management plan was approved by the provincial government. “This is a huge behavioural shift and people aren’t used to doing this,” said Mollard the co-director of a project called “Trashtalk” that was borne out of partnership with Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, Gordon Neighbourhood House and the Recycling Council of British Columbia.

Over the past year, the city has expanded its food scraps recycling program to more than 100,000 single-family homes and duplexes. Food scraps are picked up weekly and regular garbage every other week.

But the city has yet to devise a plan to provide the same service to apartment and condo dwellers, mainly because garbage and recycling is collected by private contractors. That’s where Mollard’s group comes in as it uses $55,000 from the City of Vancouver’s “Greenest City Fund,” Vancity and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to help implement food scrap recycling programs in condos and apartments….continued

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One Comment on “Article in the Vancouver Courier: Are you a recycling champion?”

  1. Nicole says:

    Recycling Champion, I totally endorse this approach. I think we need to engage with citizens in a deeper and more meaningful way with respect to garbage and diversion efforts in the region and elsewhere. Recycling and diversion need to be executed properly – and an educated Recycling Champion who informs and demostrates best practices is a great way to make a difference in our region. Congratulations for championing this approach.

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