WANTED: Recycling Enthusiasts in Mount Pleasant and West End

Do the words “Recycling”, “Composting” or “Food Scraps” make you jazzed? Do you find yourself up at night dreaming about a closed loop food system? Do you live in an apt or condo in Mount Pleasant or the West End?

If you answered yes to the above, then WE WANT YOU!


With Metro Vancouver set to ban food scraps from landfills by 2015 and the City of Vancouver targeting organic recycling to achieve its Zero Waste goal in its Greenest City Action Plan (50% diversion of 2008 waste levels by 2020),  More Than Just Trashtalk is seeking to recruit Recycling Champions in apartments and condos in Mount Pleasant and the West End to start-up a food scraps recycling program, while at the same time, revamp current resident recycling programs.

If you are on this website, chances are, you are already conscious that many of the environmental problems we face today such as climate change, water pollution, air pollution is linked to our waste management practices as well as consumer behaviour. Just imagine, if the average British Columbian who disposes of over 600kg of waste per year changes their waste disposal habits, we will make a tremendous impact on our environment.

We hope some of you are up to the task. If you are interested in becoming a recycling champion in your building, we want to meet you, support you, and help you build a dynamic team. Please sign up or contact us.


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